Cheerio 2016!

Looking back on 2016 and what a year it was ….


We made the life changing decision to move 200 miles North from the city to a small town a mere 10 minutes drive from the sea – this was us on our first weekend in our new home – hailstones on the beach and as happy as can be!!


You know, life always has its ups and downs but things aren’t too shabby when you have what is (in my humble opinion) the best book shop in the world just a hop, skip and jump down the road …

cand we can visit places like this over and over again. Beautiful, tiny harbour villages ….


with awe-inspiring views (no matter how cold and stormy it is!) …


Castles on beaches ….


Beaches and castles …


Places to sit and enjoy the view ….


And magical places up in the trees.

I know this might sound like a holiday website – but really, this area that we now call home has truly captured our hearts.

Life has been full of other adventures too …


with some time to learn and play – lino printing


and wood cut printing


Painting Big in Spain (this one deserves a blog post all of its own! – Look out for that soon)


Then there were my own art retreats – back to my beloved Gardenstown to run an art workshop in April …


and another in October. 


Then a big chunk of the last few months dedicated to creating my third Online Workshop – Portraits – Your Art, Your Way (running once again next year)


Of course with a move across country came a change in studio space –


Where I have been settling in nicely …


Sketching …


Working on studies for a new series …


Painting portraits …


Painting landscapes ….


But with all that surrounds me, I have been making sure to work in my outside studio too where I can drive anywhere I wish and take in the views.


All in all, even with quite a few bumps and jolts along the way (some that almost whipped our feet from under us), I am grateful for all that 2016 brought us.

As for 2017? May it contain many more days of wind-swept, bracing walks along the beach.

Happy New Year to YOU!! I would love to hear what you favourite moment of 2016 was and what you are hoping for in the coming year.

Thank you for visiting!


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  1. Suzanne OMullan

    Gillian – Thank you for sharing this beautiful post! The pictures are absolutely a dream come true! I often think of moving to where my son could be on a beach or near a sea! You did it!!!!! Your art is utterly beyond words – it invokes so much emotion that I cannot do justice with plain verbiage. I thank you for having a blog and on-line courses!!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!!!!

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