Life Book 2016 Blog Hop & Give Away!



I have some wonderful & exciting news to share with you! I am so honoured to have been invited to teach on Life Book 2016  next year! I have heard many incredible things about Life Book from previous years and with 23 talented and experienced teachers I know that 2016 will more than match up to that.




And even MORE exciting news is that I can give away 1 space on this amazing year long art course! Keep reading if you want to find out more about Life Book 2016  and if you want to find out how you can win a spot! 🙂

First let me tell you a bit more about Life Book in case you haven’t heard about it yet!

“Life Book, a celebration and honouring of YOU” is a year-long mixed media art class organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts. Tam is joined by 23 incredible art teachers who are all gearing up to share their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks with YOU! Themed around self-development and healing, you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! You will have a wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life!”


You can find out a lot more about this wildly popular course (it has been joined by over 8700 people in the past!) by clicking HERE

I am currently working on ideas for my class as part of Life Book and it will be sure to connect with my usual style of layering, exploring characters , storytelling and atmosphere. You know, everything I like to incorporate into my work. The lessons will of course be brand new and unique to Life Book.


2013-08-12 00.34.36


2013-09-01 05.27.19


Registration opens on October 5th 2015 and the class begins on January 1st 2016.

So if you want to start the year with a fabulous creative BANG and spend 2016 with a wonderful creative community of like-minded souls, learning more about art and how to be kinder and more loving towards yourself, (for we all deserve to do that don’t we?) be sure to join once registration opens! 🙂

Keep this page  bookmarked so that you can sign up the moment it goes on sale! 🙂

Now then, onto the give-away and blog hop!

I can give away 1 space on Life Book 2016 to 1 lucky winner : ) And if you follow the blog hop (see below for links and dates) you can up your chances of winning a space by entering all the other give-aways also! 🙂

How to enter the give-away

1. Subscribe to my newsletter (—- > over here in the sidebar)

2. Go to my Facebook Page and hit that ‘Like’ button. You will also see the post I have made about Life Book – so share this post tagging my name in it and you will be entered into the draw.

3. Leave a comment below letting me know why you would love to join Life Book 2016 I will announce the winner on Monday 21st September.

Here is the list of the other amazing teachers who will be teaching on Life Book – they too will be giving away a spot on Life Book so go check them out and enter their give-aways! 🙂

7th September 2015 Tamara Laporte
8th September 2015 Annie Hamman
9th September 2015 Kristin Dudish
10th September 2015 Effy Wild
11th September 2015 Faith Evans-Sills
12th September 2015 Gillian Lee Smith
13th September 2015 Ivy Newport
14th September 2015 Jane Davenport
15th September 2015 Jenny Grant
16th September 2015 Angela Kennedy / PennyStamper
17th September 2015 Lisa Viger
18th September 2015 Martha Lever
19th September 2015 Mary Beth Shaw
20th September 2015 Melody Ross
21st September 2015 Pam Carriker
22nd September 2015 Pauline Agnew
23th September 2015 Rae Missigman
24th September 2015 Renata Loree
25th September 2015 Roben-Marie Smith
26th September 2015 Roxanne Coble
27th September 2015 Shiloh Sophia McCloud
28th September 2015 Donna Downey
29th September 2015 Tracy Verdugo
30th September 2015 Wyanne Thompson

Have a great time following the blog hop! 🙂

Comments 183

  1. Mary Holshouser

    I would love to win a spot in the class – to get a push to using the supplies I’ve amassed over the last couple years. they are just gathering dust in the closet and this class would make me get them out and put them to work. I make greeting cards so I seem to find an excuse to not do mixed media. If I’m in the class I’ll have to put it on the front burner with the greeting cards.
    I’ve signed up for your newsletter, went to your FB page and “liked” it (hope I marked it correctly so you can tell I did).

  2. Karyle

    I received Life Book 2015 as a Christmas Gift last year, it has changed my life, It makes my spirit soar. I can’t wait for my Monday email to see the new lesson. It’s like Christmas every week. I have never considered myself an artist but Life Book has shown me that I am. Tam and her guest teachers have such gentle and giving spirits, it’s an honor to be able to learn from them. I can’t imagine my life without Life Book. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot for this awesome journey called Life Book.

  3. Kim Smith

    I would love to win a spot on LifeBook 2016 because I have no source of income and am, unfortunately, having to apply for disability due to health issues.

  4. Kristin Langlais

    Lifebook has been my oasis in the crazy life I have. I’m constantly catering to others and spending my time doing things for everyone else (which I love. I love being there for my friends and family” but I need to learn to take time for myself. Lifebook always amazes me with it’s community and support and the inspiration it fills me with everyday. I need it for my soul. Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂

  5. Shel

    Would love, love, love to win a spot in Lifebook 2016! Can’t even imagine the amount of teaching and artistry that will be part of this class. Thank you so much!

  6. Connie Rasmussen

    Oh… this is wonderful Gillian – a Life Book and with you among the teacher! How lucky can one be. I would so much love to win a place in order to go on with experiments day by day. Also, such a great idea to start the new year making a year book to look back at.
    Since I’m ‘early retired’ from my job (last year) I’m on a budget now and also not allowed to sell any of my art until March 2017 – and instead of being irritated etc I’ve decided to spend the time till then on experimenting, practicing and learning to grow as an artist.

  7. Tania Bain

    Lifebook is an amazing opportunity to be able to learn from a group of talented teachers over a period of a year. The great thing about LB is that you don’t only get to learn from the teachers but also from all the students who take part.
    You get to discover new and exiting art techniques, find your artist voice, and even find your true self and what makes you and your creative spirit so unique and special.
    So yes I would love to be a part of LB 2016 :”)

  8. Suze Rose

    What a wonderful year of art this will be with such a talented line up of creative teachers.
    A dream come true would be to win a place to join this amazing community of artists!

  9. chantal scheffel

    I would love to win a spot on lifebook 2016, because i’m eager to learn new techniques, and get new inspiration from all you talentes teachers. I couldn’t share you’re facebook post, because i could’nt find it.

  10. Lin Mujaj

    I ”discovered” art two years ago and now cannot imagine my life without it. I would love to win a spot on Lifebook 2016 to learn different techniques and styles from all the different teachers.

  11. Tina

    I would love to continue my Life Book journey for another year but changes in my circumstances make it impossible financially. Winning this spot would allow me to continue to be a part of the amazing journey of Life Book, thank you for this chance.

  12. Kim

    I would love to win a spot to participate in Lifebook 2016. A mix up of beautiful artists, many of which I follow by blog, fb or newsletters because I love their art and infectious desire to create. As I limp along trying to find my own voice and vocabulary I realize it doesn’t matter that I have no formal art education. If it is there it will come good or bad. But it helps to see other artists style and successes as well as their messes (if they share that!). I know it is true that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

  13. Prerna

    Your art is indeed soulful. It would be such a pleasure to learn from you in Life Book 2016. Life book is a wonderful platform to connect and share and learn and make your week joyful. Its a soul feeding experience. Much love and light. So look forward to 2016.

  14. Teresa in California

    So, far, I am posting the giveaway for all of the blogger/artists who are teaching in Life Book 2016, as that is one requirement you have given for your own one spot giveaway. I have ‘tagged’ you on Facebook, and have shared on my page.
    When I saw Jeanne Oliver’s post when she was able to go to your Scotland retreat, I was swept off my feet! I felt like your artwork resonated with my soul, as I am of Scots-Irish blood. It’s always in the blood! So, yes, you are one of the main reasons I truly want to take Life Book 2016. I am partial to the deep feelings of kindred spirits! Thank you for a spot in your giveaway.
    Teresa in California

  15. Kuma

    Well, Lifebook 2016 looks so exciting and it has such a great line up of teacher–that’s why I’d love to be apart of it. And I love the underling theme of healing work.

  16. Michelle Jaramillo

    I was blessed enough to be able to participate in Lifebook 2012 and I enjoyed it immensely. as a Novice artist I learned so much. However, I’ve been unable to sign up since due to finances, art block, or life just not cooperating. I’ve recently started to art journal again and I’d love to win a spot and continue my journey!

  17. Priya Gopal

    I want to celebrate ME through LifeBook. I want to express myself and learn from amazing teachers and expand my horizon. I want live life fully and LifeBook teaches me that in so many ways. LifeBook is just amazing. Love it !

  18. Rita

    Winning a spot in LB 2016 would be such a wonderful thing for me. A ray of sunshine. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win access to this great art course.

  19. Michelle Schratz (MiSchra)

    Hey! I’ve never taken part of LifeBook, but I would just love to learn more about me and my creativity from such wonderful inspirational woman. Thanks for letting me take a chance at winning a space. I might just have a lucky bug in my pocket!!!!

  20. Joyce

    What a grand opportunity it would be to win such an extraordinary adventure. The ability to learn from so many talented artists just blows my mind. This is my first time at your website and I love your work. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

  21. Barbara Chmura

    I started my artistic journey when I retired. I’ve taken a few courses online and have learned so much. I’d love to learn more from the terrific roster of teachers of Life Book 2016.

  22. Nicole Jones

    I would love to be part of LifeBook again next year, especially after seeing the exciting lineup of teachers. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot!

  23. Lynn Noone

    I am newly retired, and want to follow my dream. A spot in LifeBook 2016 would be a wonderful start! I love your style, and would love to be your student.

  24. Ellie

    Winning a spot in the Lifebook classroom would be marvelous because I admire each and every one of the teaching artists. I really enjoy learning new techniques and styles and how wonderful to be able to sample each of the teaching artists accomplishments. The best of the best all rolled into one class, what an exciting artful journey this would be!

  25. kvgr

    Hi! I’m a Lifebook virgin ;-), although I bought Tam’s 2012 version and I’m just finishing my last lessons of that package and I’m having so much more fun of it than I thought before!
    Since 3.5 years I have a chronic disease (Lyme disease) and I’m finally starting to have more concentration and energy throughout the day. That’s why I finally can paint again and that gives a day so much more fun! That is why I would love to win a spot in Lifebook 2016 🙂
    (p.s. I liked/shared on FB, my name there is Johanna Johanna)

  26. Tracy

    I have heard and seen so many great things that is Life Book. I would relish in being able to be part of such a wonderful and awesome community, and would love to learn and be inspired by all the talented teachers and students!

  27. dawn barnes

    What a wonderful opportunity to learn ‘how to’ get into many different styles of art. I am a novice and would love the opportunity to join Lifebook next year.

  28. alenka

    I am a lifebooker since very very begining 2012;)
    i would be happy to continue this LB journey. i would be honoured to be teached by this amazing group of teachers, i love they are sharing their work and the process of creativity, i love that i constantly learning new technics, growing with my artistic style, i love to meet new people and i love positive and warm ambience 🙂 and the healing process too 😉

    thank you for the opportunity, thank you for sharing your art/lesson 😉
    Love, Alenka

  29. Susan Schultheis

    Who wouldnt want to spend day after day learning and being inspired by you and all the wonderful, talented and creative teachers in Life Book 2016. Amen.

  30. Susan

    I had to skip 2015 and I am ready to get back on the Life Book path. Your art is amazing. I appreciate your efforts to incorporate digital apps with the traditional art supplies. Very, very intriguing.

  31. Carmen Lucero

    I’m currently participating in Life Book 2015 for the first time. I have gained so much information for mixed media and journaling, I would like to win a spot to see your offering! Thanks for the chance!

    Carmen L

  32. Roberta

    Just moved into our new home with a dedicated studio soace for moi! So I woukd love to join the year long challenge and inspiration tgat Life Book offers ?

  33. Sofia Gaal

    Hi Gillian, I’m following your blog for quite a while now. I’m thrilled with this opportunity to win a free spot on LB2016. I can really use a boost in my artistic development. It would be soooooooo welcome!

  34. kim

    I love your art and style. I feel I need a push to concentrate on some ‘me’ and am so exciting to learn more about and in Life Book. Thanks so much for this chance 🙂

  35. Jennifer Ropers

    I would love to be part of Lifebook 2016 because it brings such joy to my life and I am excited about learning from all the new teachers as well as some old favorites! It is going to be an amazing year!

  36. Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

    I did all 3 request.I would love to win a spot in Tam’s class.Winning is the only way I can participate.I don’t purchase goods from the internet on request of My dear old fashion 71 Year old Husband. We are both retired and are on a small budget.Another reason is I just recently found out I have the beginnings of dementia and have been a little down and out. I love art and mostly making art in the mixed media form.I love to work with paper,paints, stains ect. It brings Me joy, relaxation, peace,and stimulates all the areas My Doc. says is needed.Thanks for listening to this old Grannie rant on.

  37. Krista Tannahill

    Hi Gillian – I entered because I want to take my art to the next level. My focus is on faces and I want to learn how to layer and add depth to the faces I create. Your artwork has these great shadows with shading and depth. I would love to learn more about your process and how I can add this kind of technique to my artwork.


  38. Tanja

    I’d love to win, have no money, am so ready for a change, all apply but aren’t convincing. I surrender and have faith in whatever comes my way or not. However wins, I hope you can use it.

  39. LeeAnn Gibson

    Thank you very much for the chance to win a spot! I would love the chance to learn from such an amazing lineup of instructors!

  40. Karen Leigh

    I have not done Lifebook before but have always looked with interest to see who the instructors are. I was really excited to see your name on the list for this year. I was not able to get in on your classes in Saluda this year(I live only a half hour away ) so I would relish any other opportunity I could get the learn from you. I have signed up for newsletter, liked FB page and shared your post(even though FB would not let me tag you in it.)

  41. Michele Redman

    What a wonderful opportunity. I don’t want to be greedy as I am already familiar with Gillian’s outstanding work, but I would be blessed to win a spot in this exciting workshop with so many talented artists.

  42. Aino-Mari Kämppi

    I did all requested, only tagging didn’t work for some reason. I’m attending these draws, because they are the only way (with scolarships of course) for Life Book to be possible for me, since every cent available goes towards my studies to become an OT. Yet I’d really need some psychological support that Life Book tends to give to people attending.

  43. Fiona

    First of all, congrats on being asked to teach in LB next year. I have to say I’m not surprised Tam chose you. I LOVE your art – what I’ve seen on here and on your FB page is truly inspiring.
    I HAVE to do LB 2016. I’m currently doing it for the first time this year, and it has helped me grow so much, both artistically and personally – and I have made a couple of really good friends because of it. The community is so caring and I just can’t imagine 2016 without LB in my life – sitting waiting for the lessons on Mondays has become a ritual for me and I am a creature of habit. If I were lucky enough to win, it would be an awesome birthday present (although my bd is actually on September 19th), so thank you so much for this opportunity!

  44. Mar ja

    Oh I would love to win a LB2016, to learn much from so many great teachers. I will learn alot different technique , a way to devollop my self. Thanks for this.

  45. Annelie Wadin

    I would love to win a spot in Lifebook 2016, i love it but i cannot afford it in money, i work but the money is not take care of anything outside my monthly bills, and i live alone… heart would be grateful if i win a spot.

  46. Lisa M

    A friend is doing Life Book 2015 and raves about it. Having read the testimonials and description and seen all the amazing work by the teachers so far, I can’t NOT join! 🙂 Your work is beautiful and I look forward to seeing your presentation.

  47. Shinjini

    I would love to be part of Lifebook this year! I looked along from the side lines last year…but this year, I really hope I can win a spot. The teacher line up looks incredible and your work looks absolutely amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed that I can win a spot this time round!

  48. christy

    Hi!! Welcome to Lifebook!!! I would love to be a part of Lifebook 2016 as I have only just started my art journey back in June and have so very much I would like to learn. I joined 2015 in Aug and it’s been amazing. I am super excited about getting in from the start this time and getting to see all of the teacher’s blogs in this manner. Yay!

  49. Gail Smith

    I have done life book the last 2 years and have learnt so much, but I really want to do it again now that I know that you will be teaching.

  50. Ronda

    I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2016! The teacher line up is amazing, and I love you and your work Gillian! Thanks for the opportunity. Peace, Ronda

  51. Kim Mason

    I would love to win a spot in next year’s Lifebook as I have done 2 years now and am still loving the art, the friendship of the group and meeting the amazing and talented teachers. It is such an exciting and broadening experience.

  52. Wendy Winston

    Life Book keeps me going in life. It is a a learning tool but it also shows me how many loving and kind people are still out there. Some years I have not been able to afford it and you miss seeing the familiar faces that arrive in your inbox showing their art.

  53. Danielle Noctámbulo Brochner

    I shared on my Facebook but it wouldn’t let me tag you. I am new to your work, and it is truly beautiful! I am excited to learn from you in Life Book next year. I truly hope to win a spot in the course. This blog hop is fun as I’m being introduced to new artists work.

  54. Tonya W

    Lifebook has been a constant source of healing and growing for me. It has allowed me to learn things about myself that I never knew were there. I so hope to continue this journey for many years to come.

  55. Lynda

    Would love to win a spot. I need a good jumpstart for my art and this seems like just the class to do that! Thank you for the chance to win!

  56. Kimberly Carmichael

    I would love to participate in Lifebook 2016 and be inspired to grow, create, unfurl and heal. Thank you for giving us all a chance.

  57. April Lopez

    I really want to win a spot in this course because I’m recovering from surgery on my dominant arm/wrist and I need something happy in my life! And this would make me happy!

  58. Gemma maggs

    I would love the chance to win a place on Lifebook 2016! Lifebook has helped me in so many ways…
    I have liked and shared your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter…
    I think your work is stunning and would love to be able to join you in a class xx

  59. Elaine

    I would love a seat in Lifebook. I need the incentive to make art. Knowing that there will be a new lesson every Monday will be a treat.

  60. Kelly Dickinson

    I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2016 as this is my first year in Life Book and it has truly been an amazing journey. I have learned so much and have created art that I never thought was possible. I love the lessons and the wonderful community of supportive and encouraging members.

    I have liked your Facebook Page, shared the post and signed up for the newsletter and now looking forward to your lesson.

  61. Patricia Esparza

    I began Life Book in 2014, also doing LB2015, It is so exciting to see so many wonderful teachers, it just fills my life with joy, I have subscribed to your newsletter, will share also on Facebook. thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to win a spot.

  62. Stephanie

    I just discovered your work a week ago and love the emotion and beauty of it. I would love to win a spot at life book… To have tuition from so many talented artists ! How does it get better than that ? 🙂

  63. Simone van Liempt

    I love to win a spot on lifebook 2016.
    I joint 2015 for the first time and love it.
    Learned so much and having fun, it’s a great journey and i haven’t found my destination for a long time.

    xxx Simone

  64. Judit Albert

    Dear Gillian, thank you for the opportunity to win a spot. I am a beginner and I hope I will find my way in art. Shared, liked, subscribed! 🙂

  65. Pam Thorburn

    I am so excited to see you in the line up of teachers for 2016 Gillian, Can’t wait to see what you have in store. I’m already signed up to your newsletter and your FB page too.

  66. Brittany

    Hi! My mother Chrissie told me about Life Book 2016 and I feel called to participate! She has recently come into her own as an artist, and is considering participating to get in touch with the “woo-woo/feelings” aspect and I come from “woo-woo/feelings” and want to get in touch with my creativity! So, I am entering to win this here! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  67. Wendy

    I’ve heard so many amazing things about Lifebook that I would love the chance to be part of it. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  68. Dana Saint John

    How fun! I hope to win a spot in LifeBoook 2016, as this is a big deal in my house for me and a couple of my kidlets 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win, and I’m having a lovely time visiting you here! I also shared your fb post and liked your page xoxo

  69. Carla

    Signed up for your newsletter and shared on my facebook.
    I’d love to win a spot to discover new artists, and trying new techniques/ideas.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Ali K.

    LB2015 was my first year and I am hooked. I am going to participate whether or not I win a free spot, but let’s be honest. I can buy more products if I win my spot, right????? Thank you, Gillian. I look forward to working with you next year.

    Ali K.
    Minnesota, USA

  71. Cheryl Sheehan

    I love love LifeBook which inspired me to keep creating art by learning about all new teachers! Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  72. Tamara Norcliffe

    I am so thrilled to see you are teaching on lifebook, i suggested you as an artist I would like to see featured next year on my lifebook questionnaire. Liked on FB and signed up for your newsletter. I would love to win a spot on Lifebook 2016.

  73. Cynthia Jacobs

    Congrats on being part of the LB 2016 line up of amazing teachers joining Tamara for another year of amazing art lessons and experience. This will be my 4th year to participate and I would LOVE to win a seat this time around!

  74. Scrapeando con Rocío

    Hi Gillian, thank you so much for the opportunity to join Life Book 2016 with this give-away. I would love win that spot because I love Life Book, I love the lessons, the teachers and the love wich is share in that workshop.

  75. Susana B

    Beautiful work. I connected with Lifebook 2014 and there were amazing lessons and teachers. Looking forward to participating this year. Thank you for opportunity to learn from you.

  76. Emma

    oh your work is so enchanting! I’m a current life booker (year two) and I just had to follow the link to come check out your work. How lovely! I would love the opportunity to join life book again next year. It’s such a treat to get to learn from such a variety of voices

  77. Sandra Schmidt

    I would be thrilled to win a spot on LifeBook 2016….there is so much out there to learn and the lessons are so inspiring! Can’t wait for each new lesson…a fabulous group!

  78. Tamara Norcliffe

    I am so thrilled you will be teaching on lifebook, I nominated you on my survey form for this years lifebook. Signed up for your newsletter and liked on Facebook. I would love to win a spot on Lifebook 2016.

  79. alenka

    I am a member of lifebook since 2012 – the very beginning.. it become part of my life. i am learning from an amazing group of teachers, who would i never be able to meet 😉 i would like to contiuned with this and creating even more. i love your art and i would be happy to be one of your many students 😉
    thank you for the opportunity, love

  80. Hayley Gregory

    I’d love to win as I would love the opportunity to get inspired from many incredible artists like tam e.c.t . Art is my therapy and keeps me happy so having inspiration to draw would help me progress tremendously ! Thanks for the opportunity ☺️ Lots of love x

  81. Elena

    I would so much LOVE to win a space into Lifebook 2016! I’m new in art and I really need the prompt, the encouragement and the lessons of all the different great teachers of Lifebook to help me find my way into art!

  82. Bridget

    I would love to win a spot on lifebook 2016. I shared your post but didn’t know how to tag you in it and then whoosh it was posted lol

  83. Ildiko Karsay

    Hi Dear Gillian,
    Love lifebook since it started part of my life. Can’t live without it. Would be nice to win a spot as it is hard to afford it as we have 3 kids.
    Isubscribed to your newsletter, liked your page and shares on Fb.
    Thank you for your generous soul to offer a free spot.
    big hug from Hungary

  84. Teri

    I would love to win a spot in lifebook 2016. I have done lifebook for 3 years now and its amazing. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for class. Welcome to the group.

    1. Post
  85. Susan Boles

    I would love to win a spot. This will be my second year. I have learned so much already and know that I will learn so much more this coming year.

    1. Post
  86. Goddess Cindy

    I love everything about lifebook, have been involved for 2 years now and the teachers,
    talent and inspiration are far and above the cost of the course.
    I would love to win a spot in 2016.. Thank you for the opportunity.
    I have subscribed, liked your page 🙂
    Good luck everyone

    1. Post
  87. M.Austen

    I would love to be part of LB2016 & celebrate artistically throughouout the year with all the beautiful creative souls on LB!! Gillian I could not find your post about LB on your FB page. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot! I subscribed to your newsletter & liked your page. I look forward to your lesson on LB. Cheers!


    Oh I would love a chance to join the Life book Community and learn from you and all of the amazing teachers! Following this blog hop sure hits all my happy triggers too! I need to get paint in my hands!

    1. Post
  89. ros

    just joined your newsletter it would be lovely to join in 206 lifebook and learn from all you talented artists thanks for the chance to win

    1. Post
    1. Post
  90. Ronda Walker

    I am in my 60’s and have recently discovered Art journaling and mixed media. I would love the opportunity to explore and learn different techniques. They say it’s never too late to learn new things and I am proof of that. Thank you.

    1. Post
  91. Cindy Ceroky

    Gillian, I would be in heaven to take Lifebook for so many reasons…to be learning and surrounded by such talented artists and teachers…to expand my knowledge and really mold my own niche with mixed media. Lifebook would keep me going weekly, while busy with work, family and life. It would keep me motivated and productive, and take me to places I’ve yet to be. And to learn from artists all over the world. I am trying so hard to win a spot!! Thank you for the chance!

  92. Marrianna Dougherty

    I signed up for your newsletter and “liked” your Facebook page. However, I did not find a FB posting for Life Book 2016. I’ll check back later to see if it is up on FB. Love your artwork. And I’m so hoping to win a spot this year in the Life Book 2016 class. It is the only way I will be able to take the class.

  93. Marrianna Dougherty

    I would love to be part of Life Book 2016 because I have seen the great art work created by a friend in 2014 and I believe I will benefit from the lessons learned for my own personal healing journey. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot and learn from some of the best teachers ever. And congratulations on being selected to teach for Life Book 2016.

    1. Post
  94. Nina Fickett

    I’m excited for the opportunity to attend this year long class. Looking forward to the learning, the work, the exploration, the risks.

    1. Post
  95. Chrissie England

    Gillian, I am so excited that you’re a part of Life Book 2016. You’re among many other teachers I respect as well. The combing of doing Art along with health and healing appeals to me as I know working on those things together can only help to improve my life, well-being and creativity!

  96. Gaylene

    Thank you Jenny, looking forward to painting with you this year as part of the Life Book 2016! What a blessing to be able to paint with such incredible artists but the possibility of winning a spot is amazing!! Thanks again.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  97. wendy

    Subscribed to the the newsletter, and liked your Facebook page but was unable to find your Life Book post – I’ll check back later and share it. I’ve done Life Book for the past 2 years now, and am so looking forward to another year of the wonderful community, the generous teachers, and the chance to learn more about myself through the process. Thank you for the chance to win!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  98. Priya Gopal

    I love LifeBook and I want to be part of a creative community and share my love for art with other enthusiastic people. I get positive vibes from the weekly assignments and it get me rolling.

  99. Maribe Losada

    Signed up for your newsletter and shared the post on FB.
    It has never been possible for me to be part of Lifebook for many reasons.
    I love to win to learn from so many talented instructors.
    Thank you so much for the chance.

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  100. lidija

    I ‘m already subscribed on your newsletter, and I already follow and like you on fb….so all this is done. But just in case I could get a spot in this course…it’s simple. Because I love your work, and because I’m already signed in your November class sure I want to see more of your great gorgeous stuff.

  101. Famu Camil

    I’ve liked your facebook page but I can’t find the post I have to share!

    I would like to be part of LB2016 because it’s an opportunity to express myself through my art.


  102. Angie

    Gillian, so happy to “discover” you via this wonderful blog hop. I have watched Lifebook from a distance over the years and would be thrilled to be able to join the fun in 2016.
    Thank-you for the opportunity.

  103. Willow Cartwright

    I would so love to win a seat in the 2016 class! I am taking it now and have been using the journaling and mixed media art technique to work through grief and move forward. We cant afford for me to sign up for a class right now so….fingers and toes crossed! Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. Post
  104. Julie Burger

    Hi Gillian! I would love to win a spot in the LB 2016 class. The last few years have been very difficult and plagued with personal losses, but it’s time to turn a corner and I can’t think of a better way to start a new year than to start it with the journey through LB with other like minded souls. I signed up for your news letter and shared LB 2016 on my FB time line and in the FB public forum. Congratulations on becoming a member of the LB teaching staff and thank you for the opportunity to enter. XOX

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  105. Cindy

    I hope to win because I have not the possibility to do the great LB yet for many reasons, I see all the great artist teachers that will be a part off this and I will to learn alot , I’m just a beginner so I will give it a shot… thank you for the chance

  106. Jo

    Gillian your art is so powerful, it will be yet another pleasure in Lifebook to be taught by you!
    This has been my first year and I’m very eager to participate next year too, especially as the line up is looking outstanding. Jo x

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