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There has not been much happening on the easel this week due to work and last minute Christmas shopping but I did manage to get a couple of painted journal pages done. Relatively quick and unfinished but it is always good to get the paints out even for a short while.

Painted journal page

I have a weekend of studio time ahead of me and then a couple more days to work right up till Christmas eve and then I will be taking a few days off to spend with hubby and family. Bliss.

Have a great weekend! x

Painted journal page

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  1. Ulla Milbrath

    Looking thru some of your old pages – just for fun, and I was wondering which kind of moleskine you are using here. It appears you have some nice mixing in your paints and I was wondering what quality would hold up to that without bending like crazy.

  2. bev langby

    Hi have a great christmas Gillian im reading along but havent commented as im in the middle of a move and im so flat out , just wanted to let u know im enjoying your new blog …
    hugz bev

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