On my work table

I worked just a brief couple of hours in the studio today as we spent most of the day in town amongst the chaos doing a few bits of Christmas shopping. Gosh was I glad to be back home and in my painting clothes working in my journal pages.

On my work table

I treated myself to a couple of photo albums as I have piles and piles of 6 x 4 inch photographs that I have taken on various days out for research. I can never find the exact photo I want when I am looking for it so they are all now beautifully organised and ready to inspire me in their new home.

I love putting figures into these backgrounds that have inspired me and think I may work these into some larger pieces.

The artists must-have - a scarf!

Incidentally I have always been fascinated by the fact that the great artists always seemed to wear scarves. I thought it was in order to look more ‘creative’ when actually, as I have discovered it is because in the colder weather when you are standing at the easel your neck gets mighty bloomin cold!

(Excuse the terrible photo in my filthy studio mirror)


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  1. bev langby

    Hi Gill
    loving reading your blog found time to comment today finally , im in the middle of a move have to be out by the 1st january so its full on anyway , glad u are in your studio all rugged up and painting away at least some one it being productive in an arty way , my muse slipped into one of the boxes im sure lol so hoping she will resurface when it all settles down lol
    hugz bev oh and love the look through the dirty mirror lol

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