So much has happened these last few months that I am in that position where I don’t even know where to begin in the recording of it so I shall just need to get down what I can, when I can! Now we are into November and my exhibition We all Cast Shadows is still ongoing with some parts of it done but still there is more to come!

On 18th September I gave a talk at the Heart Gallery about the work for the exhibition, my inspirations and just what is involved in creating a body of work and being inspired to work as a creative person. It was so lovely to see old faces and new.


Artist Gillian Lee Smith at Heart Gallery

(A rare photo of me on the evening of the talk – Photo credit – Craig Shaw of Bluplanetphoto)

2nd October was the preview night of the show and despite my nerves and that horrible worry of ‘would anyone come’ it was a very busy evening with a queue outside the gallery door before it opened. There were lanterns and fishing nets and lots of visitors and folks wanting to chat with me about my work. For someone who is fine and dandy being a hermit this is always a nerve-wracking experience but it was such a lovely, busy evening with so many folks coming out to support my work and the gallery.


318_GillianatHeartGallery_oct2014_craigshawphotoI was completely over the moon with the framing of the artwork for the exhibition – photo credit Bluplanetphoto Here are 3 of the 18 paintings that were created for the exhibition.


strange times are on the way

Strange times are on the way – is one of my favourite pieces created for the show – Oil on board 2014

30th October saw me taking my portable easel to the gallery to work and chat with visitors where there were college students asking lots of thought-provoking questions and folks who had not been able to make the preview evening. I have painted in public before but folks are always fascinated to see a work in progress and what goes into creating a painting.



My painting day in the Heart Gallery – photo credit Bluplanetphoto


There a couple of very exciting things still to come and I shall reveal those in the next post!

We all Cast Shadows runs at Heart Gallery till January 11th 2015


Just to let you know that it is not too late to sign up to Studying under the Masters – all 6 weeks of the course are now available and the course content is up for one year – so plenty of time to watch the videos and be inspired by both the master artists and the artists involved in the creation of the course.

You can sign up on this blog post – Studying under the Masters

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