As ever, once I get busy with a project – I am a one trick pony. With my days and hours spent writing and planning my little heart out for my upcoming e-course, it seems that other things are more difficult to schedule in – like blogging, exercise and studio time (unless it involves the course somehow).

Life drawing day

I had my friends over for the afternoon a week ago – always lovely for a chat and whilst we chat I draw them (not that easy! But when there are 3 of you it is hard not to chatter away). In all honesty, recently I have found drawing from life quite difficult. I did lots of life drawing in my art college days and loved it but there is something different about having friends over but it is still great practice.

Life drawing

So my portraits are currently inspired by these drawing sessions, sketches, collected imagery and my own imagination. All of these, I feel are important in my continuing journey to discover and develop my own style. So whilst I might look at these drawings and see their faults or worry that they are not as loose and expressive as I would like, I know that when I use them to work from in my studio, they will become something else and inspire me in future work.

Life drawing


The top image is charcoal, the second and third pencils and the fourth a mix of oil pastels and pencil.

life drawing

So I shall persevere! Having friends over as and when I can and drawing from life as much as I can – whilst I don’t find it that easy, it is well worth the extra effort. It is all part of the never-ending journey to learn and get better.

So is there any way you could incorporate drawing from life into your art practice? I hope to organise a professional life model for the day in the near future but could you ask friends to sit for you or draw a family member whilst relaxing in the evening, or sketch your child as they are playing or napping?



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