I may have said this a few times already but gosh I am loving working with oils. Whilst waiting for my progress on this large painting to dry before I can work on it again I have been working on a few small portraits. These are on canvas board and I am currently working in monochrome (grisaille) before I begin going over in glazes. This will be my first time working in glazes in oils but it is actually the process I have been using acrylics for a while. A few people have commented that my acrylic paintings look as if they are worked in oils so I am hoping that I will take to the technique quite naturally.

on my easel


Last year I bought some fairly inexpensive oils but have gradually been adding to my collection with Old Holland and Michael Harding oils and the difference is so obvious in the quality. They are a joy to work with. Whilst high quality paints will not make me a great artist, they certainly make the process of trying to be the best artist I can be,  a wonderful experience.

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