The blank paper

In this, the first week of a brand New Year, besides focussing on my painting and studio time, I am also spending as much time as I can on writing and developing my very first e-course. I am aiming to put the information onto my website in the next week or so and open for registration by the last week of January. The start date of the course will be April 7th 2014 so lots and lots of work to do!!

I will reveal more very, very soon but in the meantime I wonder if I could pick your brains a little?

Whilst the course is a drawing and painting course it is not just about how to draw and paint, but what to draw and paint. In other words, discovering and developing your own unique style – creating art that resonates.

With that in mind would you mind thinking about and answering a few questions in the comments section below for me?

I am interested to know …

1. What is your main barrier to creating art (or barriers – there can be more than one!)

2. When facing the blank page/canvas/journal – what is your biggest fear/hesitation? For example – not being able to create the work that you see in your minds eye, lack of ideas, not knowing where or how to begin, feeling like you have nothing unique to say. (Believe me I have felt all these things in the past)

3. What is currently your main source of inspiration? For example – your surroundings/your story/other artists.

4. What limits you in the work you currently do (if there is anything)?

Many thanks in advance!

x x x

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