Learning Oil Painting

My journey into oil painting continues. Rather than fussing about, I decided to start from scratch – as if I knew nothing (I knew very little). I found this website with tutorials (I purchased the course but then found the tutorials are actually on his website for free which is a bit confusing but I suppose I at least have them all in one place to look back on as and when).

I took the suggestion of printing up a life sized black and white self portrait photo to use to draw from. This ensures that you are really learning the painting steps in the most straight forward way rather than worrying about style or correctness (my own aesthetic and style will come later once I have the fundamentals right) and I made a start.

I forgot to photograph the various stages the painting has been through up till now but this is 3 layers of paint in and possibly half way through the process he teaches? Really, Will Kemps explanations are so clear and understandable, I really feel I am learning important skills that will see me through trying to paint my own work in oils in the future. I am waiting for the current layer to dry but can’t wait to paint the next stage! Will post a finished photo when I am done.

x x x

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