Terrifying confession time …. I have been in a rut lately, well for the last few months actually. In my artwork and in writing that brand new course that I had planned to release way before now.

Illness for the first three months of the year, giving up my part time job (hey Gillian, now your income depends on all this – are you feeling the fear – Well Yes I am!!) and another dose of the return of Crippling Back Pain Part 145. Hard to admit to both myself and here – but time to get real and be accountable and pick myself up and move on!

collage 1

I wonder how many of us could raise our hands to feeling like this from time to time? I have a sneaking suspicion it would be quite a few if not most of us. So that makes it completely normal. And also I think there can be some comfort to just digging down and laying low for a bit just to pause and drift. As long as it doesn’t go on too long – and for me, now I have itchy feet and a brain beginning to buzz with energy.

collage 2

I guess there are a few ways around it – force myself out of it (works a fair amount of time but not always), or begin to find solutions to the things that are stopping me from doing the things that I really want to be doing! My back has been bothering me for a while (20 years of problems too boring to talk about) so I am now seeing an osteopath – tick! So now I can put my faith in someone else to help me rather than going on as I have been doing – but I am also taking action myself – swimming again a few times a week for strength and also taking action with my weight (going down week by week slowly but surely).

collage 1

I have been out of practice with creating art – this inevitably leads me to lose confidence and get out of a habit which in actual fact is one of my favourite things to do in life! So what I am I doing about it? Making sure I get in daily practice – no matter what. Concentrating on process and not product. Just turning up and getting the paints out – working a little more in my colour bible just to start the day before painting a small portrait as rough as they are. (I am pretty sure I have written a post about my colour bible previously but can’t seem to find it, but am thinking about creating a wee video on it soon – let me know if that is something you would like to see!)

I have set myself a bit of a challenge, inspired by all the wonderful artists I see creating art every day. I am attempting to paint a small acrylic painting on paper every day for the month of June and what you see here are the ones I began towards the end of May (before I made it a daily task) and all the ones for the first seven days of June. So interesting to see them together. I am not aiming for wonderfully finished works of art – I am aiming to just practice, put brush and paint to paper, have fun and when they are done they are done, no matter how refined or beautiful or ugly they are. So far so good!

collage 2

And as for the writing of the new e-course, it is coming, slowly. But I am not putting too much pressure on myself – I figure first and foremost I have to create art before I can teach it – so the writing and development of the course, I am sure will come naturally once I build a little trust in myself just to turn up to the easel and create – getting the foundations strong again so I can move forward.

What have you been creating recently? What do you do to get yourself out of that rut and back into working at your art? I would love to know!


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