We all Cast Shadows inspiration

We all Cast Shadows

My current anthology of work was first inspired by one book and one chapter first read years ago and many times since. Telling the tale of the faraway island of Nantucket. In ‘The Heart of the Sea’ by Nathaniel Philbrick is the true story that inspired Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

We all Cast Shadows is about the lost and found. It is about all the times we stand alone and all the times we stand together. It is about loneliness, isolation, shared experiences, connection and a sense of community. The shadows we cast and the shadows that comfort us.

What brings me back to the book time and time again is the chapter where it describes island life: the communities of women, independent and strong, raising their children whilst the men are away from home. Living and carrying on their uncertain lifestyles, never knowing if they will see their loved ones again. It is the core of this chapter that resonated with me and evoked such emotion that I decided to dedicate a series of work to it. It is the strength of women that has been present throughout all major historical events and it is what touches my heart and speaks to my soul.

To complement the series of work there is now also a book – both a hard bound collectors edition and paperback and you can find these in my shop.