Emotional Portraits – Amsterdam – May 2017

May 20th till 28th, 2017

Please contact Kathie Vezzani at kathievezzani@yahoo.com if you would like more information about this retreat.

You can find out more at www.bellissimaartescapes.com

The work of Rembrandt van Rijn brings me to tears. To stand before one of his paintings is an experience I wish to repeat as often as I can in my lifetime. His use of dark and light and the surface of the paint that is built up in many layers – tone, color and texture, but so much more than that. I loves his unflinching self-portraits in particular – a man full of passion and curiosity – all the joys and struggles of life etched on his face. He was not interested in perfection or vanity but in representing the spirit of humanity.

During this week, we will be inspired by Rembrandt by working on self-portraits as well as from reference imagery and from a live model. Creating portraits in drawing and painting mediums that explore great contrasts of dark and light, atmosphere, expression and surface. We will also be thinking about portraying emotion and the human spirit in our work to create atmospheric and expressive representations of ourselves and others. Acrylic paints will be mixed with mediums to give the feel and surface of oil paints.

Portrait by Gillian Lee Smith

Portrait by Gillian Lee Smith

Our studio this week will help evoke the feeling and emotion of painting in Europe. It’s a beautiful studio.