What happened to last week I ask you? For me – it went in a flurry of a studio move around and clean up which took the whole week in-between work and life (and I am still not done). But Oh My Goodness it is so much better. The move around was mainly prompted by the upcoming filming I have to do and the need for a dedicated space around which I could put all the lights and tripods and gubbins I need. But also I had a completely redundant table which had only become a dumping ground since I stopped sculpting last year. So lots of shifting, cleaning, rearranging and editing and the corners that are still filled with ‘stuff’ can now wait for a while as I return to other things that need my attention.

Studio tour

The main change was moving the long table that used to be against this wall to in front of the window (and getting rid of that table from there). I purchased a drawer unit and another trolley last week to house everything neatly which was great until I discovered that the sheets of paper I work on for drawings are too big to go in the drawers (my main reason for purchasing them!) – measure twice, purchase once – that will teach me. No matter, there is plenty of other stuff to go in there. But  now I have pretty much all my paints and drawing materials housed in these two trolleys which can be moved to wherever I need them – so much better! Also there is room for the lights and tripod as I am working stood or sat at the easel and also if working at the large table and in progress drawings can be hung on the cord at the back.

A piece of you always stays at home (1 of 1)-3

Another view of my painting area – ignore the pile of boxes (junk) behind – they will be sorted and gone soon and this will be the storage area for framed pictures and in progress work. One thing I still need to do (and haven’t figured out yet) is some kind of area for storing still-wet oil paintings so that they don’t lean against each other or get brushed by Millie the cat as she walks past. Mmmm best get my thinking cap on for that soon.

A piece of you always stays at home (1 of 1)-10

Moving clockwise around the room and after the large table is my fabric and sewing area. I am not aiming to take on any more sewing commissions in the near future (perhaps ever!) but I am hoping to find time to begin designing and making my own clothes – something that I have wanted to do for a long while – I am hoping to dedicate the time to this soon!

A piece of you always stays at home (1 of 1)-8

So here you can see probably about half my studio (the easel is just out of frame on the left) with my sewing machine and over locker down on the left hand side of the window, the long table now under the window which is my work and admin area.

A piece of you always stays at home (1 of 1)-18

The window with a view to the old school rooftop across the way. Can you believe this is my first ever studio plant? I would like more. My mentor (Fiona at Happy4pr) suggested I get one to remind me that things take time to grow (and how true that is) but I love the silhouette and bright colour when the light is right. No digital clock for me – when I don’t have music playing I love the silence only interrupted by the tick-tock of the clock – a gentle regular sound that I find relaxing. The head-dress in the background is from my days studying Performance Costume and is part of the costume that this illustration depicts. I have no idea what to do with it but I quite like it housed on the windowsill here – a reminder of good times and that  there are many facets to my creativity even if I don’t use them all, all of the time.

A piece of you always stays at home (1 of 1)-11

 I seem to have made a tower of boxes to house my collection of characters which I would love to grow as I see work I love. Most of these here are my own but there are a couple of others that I have collected from artists I love. Watch out for another post tomorrow with details of this wall and I will likely be putting a rare few dolls into my shop to make room for more (at very special prices…) I actually wish every wall of my studio looked like this but as the ceiling slopes into the loft it restricts my wall space somewhat and I can’t bear to get rid of the books which would need to go to make room for other collections. Perhaps I will find a way….

bookcasesSpeaking of which this is only the selection of books housed in my studio – I think we have bookcases in every other room of the house. My husband says we are never moving house again. I beg to differ! (Although of course only if I can find a house with a studio/room as big as this one…)

It will never feature in any magazine as is probably too cluttered/untidy for most but I do love this room. I don’t worry about the mess (as long as it is relatively organised) or how pretty it looks – infact the messier it is the more work I am getting done and that is always a good thing. I am sure it won’t take long before the relative calmness of the present makes way for papers and in progress works everywhere and I won’t mind one bit.

Thanks for coming with me on this rather long studio tour! It was a week of hard work and more than a few tears shed as I battled to shift stuff around and make way for everything but it feels like a different room and I am looking forward to many many happy hours ahead of playing and creating here.

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