Moleskine and Blackwing Pencil sketch

As the weather warmed up, I began taking my sketchbook and my favourite pencil and doing a quick(ish) drawing each time I walked there. I have drawn outside with all sorts of materials in the past, but time and time again I come back to pencil and paper.

My current combination is a Moleskine sketchbook and Blackwing Matte (formerly Palomino, I think) pencil. They are a match made in heaven – the dark, soft pencil just glides over the smooth off-white paper. I will expand on those materials eventually, but for now, they are all I need to capture the shapes and lines of the trees. I find it an interesting challenge to capture a sense of movement with gestures in this limited space of the relatively small pages. 

sketchbook page from forest walk #2

Shapes and lines in my sketchbooks

  Each sketch takes me anywhere between twenty minutes and half an hour. Taking my time, I build up values and marks – lots of cross-hatching and dense pencil work.  There are a few fallen trees with mossy cushions that make the perfect stopping points on my walks. I now do a sketch most days that I walk there and my sketchbook is filling up nicely. One thing about the woods – I could go there every day for the rest of my life and still find new shapes and ways to respond to what is in front of me. It is a new discovery but with enough interest to keep me going for years to come.  Do you have a favourite pencil/paper combination? 

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