My favourite brushes

Like many artists, I am always searching for the perfect paint brush. Having bought many inexpensive brushes in the past which have lasted no time at all it really has been a false economy. (I am pretty hard on my paintbrushes as tend to use a ‘scrubbing’ motion a lot when I am working with acrylics for the under layers of the painting.)

Recently I have been using Windsor and Newton’s Artists Acrylic brushes and so far they are lasting well. They are exactly the right softness for me (not too hard with a lot of spring), the handles are weighted beautifully (something I did not really consider important until I bought these) and I do like buying British whenever I can. I do tend to buy synthetic brushes (although I have some hog brushes for oils) as I would not like to think any animals are harmed in the making of the tools I use (I actually have no idea how the hair for paintbrushes is collected) so to be on the safe side I stick with what I know.

I have also been wanting to try the brushes from Rosemary & Co having seen them at various art fairs and noticing many artists recommending them. I am hoping to be able to have a bit of a splurge on brushes in the New Year and I think this company will be my first port of call.

Do you have any favourite brushes that you use for painting?

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