I have missed my blog. It has been far too long. I have been completely immersed in writing, filming and teaching my very first E-course and it has been all-consuming but in the very best way. I have the best group of students who are producing work that amazes me every single day, the enthusiasm in the group page and the encouragement both to me and to each other puts a permanent smile on my face and I am loving every second.

I will creating a showcase of their work once the course ends and I can’t wait to see it.

I have realised (well always known really) just how much I love teaching. It is so much more than what you say or do and in all honesty I am learning more than I am teaching, I am sure of it. The enthusiasm of the students is infectious and that carries me along. The other benefit is that you can’t help but ‘get to the easel’ when you have projects to film and lessons to teach! So actually my own work improves every day of the class which is a real unexpected bonus.bl

Having to work to a time scale in terms of filming a lesson with a time limit, really pushes you to create art in a way that is different from your usual way of working. I got to the end of this exercise (an Expressive Pastel Portrait) and had one of those moments where I thought ‘Did I really just paint this?’. In a way it is so different from my usual work but then when I look at it I realise it is not so different, it is just ‘more’. My own work amplified and that is exciting!

There has been so much interest in this course and every week I am receiving more emails as to whether I will run it again so I am delighted to say I will be re-running it in June of this year. I am just finalising dates and will release them soon. In the meantime if you are interested in being added to the mailing list you can add your name to the contact page of the Unearth, Gather, Create website and I will be sending an email very soon.

PS the pastel painting above will be framed and ready for an upcoming exhibition at the Nottingham Focus Gallery in May

x x x

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