Every so often I would like to introduce you to an artist that I find incredibly inspiring – you may already know of them but perhaps not and it is always great to discover new things!

I only heard of Ana Maria Pacheco fairly recently when a tutor at a college told me about her work thinking I might like it and gosh she was right!

Born in Brazil, Ana Maria has lived in England since the 70’s. I was lucky enough to find the book Ana Maria Pacheco at the National Gallery at a second-hand book store in Alnwick a couple of months ago and I love pouring over the images.

Life-size sculptures carved out of wood with human teeth, dark and expressive prints , artists books and beautifully rich paintings make up her body of work. I have yet to see a piece in real life but the images are everything I love about art. Full of meaning, symbolism and emotion with a strong narrative based on mythical and religious themes. The work intrigues me, even makes me feel slightly uncomfortable – a sense of mystery that keeps me going back to look again. I was interested to read that instead of brushes Pacheco uses a pad of cloth to apply the paint in order to retain the smoothness on the wood panels.

You can read more about Ana Maria Pacheco

here … here … and here

and see more images here on Pinterest.


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