I have some very exciting news! After quite a few hours, some choice language, a very steep learning curve and a constant furrowed brow, I can now launch my brand new website. Whilst I already had a website it was in serious need of an upgrade and there were many things about it that I wanted to change. It had to look more professional, clean, show off the artwork and be easy to change.

Work in progress painting

Work in progress painting

So I went with wordpress.org, bought myself some books, a theme I liked and set to work. It has taken a little over three weeks off and on to build in everything I wanted and learn from scratch and I am mighty pleased. Whilst in isolation this is a pretty big achievement for me, it is also part of a bigger plan. This year I made the huge decision to leave the sculptures behind and focus entirely on my painting and with that to broaden my opportunities for teaching. So with new images needed and my ecourse soon to launch (watch this space) now was the time to switch things up a level and have a new home to base it all from.

So there are a couple of things that you need to know. My blog is now rehomed at my new website. I will be posting to both the new one and the old one till the end of this year (31st December 2014) with reminders to follow my new blog and then the old one will be kept as my blog archive for all previous posts. So if you would like to join me at the new place then I would love to have you there.

The place where you remember dreaming, 2013

Also, I would love any feedback that you can give me on my new website. I could have spent many more weeks tweaking it here and there and trying to make it perfect but sometimes you just need to dive in or you will spend your life waiting till you are ready. So whilst it works for me, I would love to know if everything works for you. Also if you have any comments, corrections and criticisms then I would be every so grateful for them. This coming Friday 13th I will be drawing names out of a hat to win a print (The place where you remember dreaming).

All you have to do is

1. Hop on over to my website and have a look around

2. You can follow my blog or leave me a message or share with your followers (optional)

3. In order to be entered into the draw for the print you must either leave a comment here on this blog before the closing date, or on my facebook page.

4. Please make sure there is some way I can get in touch with you for the prize draw.

5. Closing date is Friday 13th at midnight GMT

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