I don’t think there is a creative person I know (of) who doesn’t like perusing the aisles of art supply shops or catalogues and dreaming of and purchasing all the goodies on offer. It is so tempting to buy and try everything you can afford to get your hands on. Recently though, I have been spending more of my money on high quality consumables (paint, canvas board and brushes) and less on all the gadgets and gizmos and art materials I know I am unlikely to ever use.

paint savers

However – there are a few gems that just make life a little easer and save money in the long run. One of those that I find indispensable (and am just about to order another set) is paint savers. Simple to use and they do exactly as they are named. With the next set I purchase I will have one on every tube of paint I own and spare to boot. Of course the cheapest thing would be to use the end of a paint brush to push the paint out of the tube but it is a faff and more often than not I get into mess, splitting the tube of paint and crinkling the metal so it makes it even harder.

These enable me to get every drop possible out of the tube (vital now that I am spending good money on professional grade oils) and keep them compact and tidy in my tray. Such a simple thing which has become indispensable to me! They don’t last forever but I think I have only had to throw one away so far. You can also get one of these too which look stronger. I love that the small plastic ones remain on the tube till it is done though.

(Don’t forget registration opens for Unearth Gather Create on Monday 3rd February. Places will be limited so I am trying to work out a time to launch that will give everyone who wishes to register an opportunity to do so. I have now added FAQ’s to the info page but if you have any other questions feel free to ask.)

Enjoy your weekend! I am off up to the studio in a little while.

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