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I mentioned this in my last blog post but one of the main things that teaching Unearth Gather Create has taught me – is that we are all learning – all of the time. And what a learning curve I have been on in so many ways. Putting together a course is something that a year ago seemed an absolute impossibility to me – the whole technical side was way beyond anything I could imagine doing, writing content, creating tutorials, filming, editing, interacting with the students. And yet it has been one of the best things I have ever done.

I have also pushed myself to teach things that are outside my comfort zone as an artist. Perhaps the main focus of this course was to not just teach what I do, but to teach skills and subject matter that would enable the students to go in any direction that they so wished and to create work that was unique to them rather than being bound by my work and my aesthetic. Then the ironic thing is that pushing myself to teach beyond my usual scope and subject matter, has resulted in me creating work that in some ways reflects the work I created years ago at art college but is also giving me fodder and food for thought in work that I can create now. So a whole circle of discovery and creation begins anew. The work that is coming from the students I hope shows that this has been a success and I will be putting a slide show together soon of students work.

Meanwhile, unbelievably, the June session of Unearth, Gather, Create has sold out of its limited places. I hope to teach another session in the Autumn should there be enough interest so you can still sign up to the mailing list for info on that as it becomes available.

It is fair to say that writing, filming and producing this course has been my absolute life the last few months and I am looking forward to having some time to get painting for myself in the next few weeks before the next session begins (and have some other progress photos for you!)


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