Pathway through the woodland

When we moved to Northumberland four and half years ago our hearts led us to the sea. Every day out and small adventure was to the coast. The beautiful beaches and harbour villages. On other days we explored castles and coffee shops.  We had almost forgotten that any other type of landscape existed here in this part of England we call home. But this past year I have discovered a surprising treasure that has come to mean so much to me. 

So much has happened this past eighteen months. It goes without saying of course, after the year that was 2020 and all the repercussions that continue to this day. I am not dismissing it – but it’s all too big to try and cover now after all of this time. There were other things that happened in 2020 besides the obvious. We moved house just a little over a week after the first UK lockdown. Only 20 minutes away from our previous home and just 10 minutes away from my studio. A small village from where we can drive and be at the sea in no time at all. 

Like many in the UK and the world over, we went through lockdown after lockdown this past year and a half. Our world became smaller in many ways. For many months I was also incredibly limited in what I could do and where I could go, due to a chronic period of sciatica and lingering ongoing pain which still continues on. I share this only because it has led to an unexpected shift in my work. Early this year I was finally able to go out for very short walks. Just to the end of my road at first but gradually going a little further each day. It was through these walks that I discovered a tiny scrap of woodland on the edge of our village. 

If you are familiar with my work or new, welcome (back) and thank you for being here. 

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