Doing the draw for the book a day later than planned as I so desperately needed a computer free day yesterday after an epic driving day on Thursday so apologies for that!

We all Cast Shadows book

Unbelievably almost a hundred of you commented and left feedback on my website, wished me luck on the new transition to full-time artist, let me know how you found out about my work, or how much you had enjoyed your studies in Unearth, Gather, Create and I am just so grateful to every single one of you. I somehow thought I would be able to reply to you all but that would be a weeks work in itself so I hope you forgive me for that. But just know that I read every single comment and I truly thank you for taking the time to look at the site and say hello.

2015-03-21 14.42.44

So now onto the draw … with such an amazing response I decided to add in another couple of prizes to the second and third names drawn so here they are in order. (I pulled the names with my eyes shut so ignore the different coloured paper ; )

Sandy Derryberry wins the special collectors edition of the book of We all Cast Shadows

Diane (I don’t have your surname but I do have your email address) wins a paperback edition of the book

Elise Jerrim wins a selection of my greetings cards.

So again, thank you so much for commenting – I hope to keep things a little more updated here and that you will visit again.

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