In late winter and maybe two months into our longest lockdown, I finished my first Woodland Accordion Book. I don’t finish sketchbooks very often, mainly because I have so many on the go at once. I go from one to the other depending on the subject, materials and scale I want to work in. But here – working in an accordion book at my dining table, page by page it came together.

At this point, I was walking as often as I could but not yet sketching en plein air due to the cold. So working mainly from the hundreds of photos I took, these creative woodland explorations formed across the many pages of the concertina format. I wanted to share this flick through of the completed book with you here. 

The first few pages were created in early 2020 (way back then!) but the rest of the book was created early this year in 2021 during our extended winter lockdown. 


Go to this link to view the video via the Vimeo site:

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